We re-opened on 24 July

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While the clock is ticking, you will need to work
as a team to escape as quickly as possible.....
The question is, will you escape?


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We re-opened on 24 July

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After being told his granddaughter had only days before
the virus would end her life,
Dr Stein, the crazy scientist, found you to experiment on.
Can you find the antidote and escape?


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About Us

At The Extraction Room we are offering you the chance to take on different challenges, clues and puzzles emotionally and physically to escape our room in 60 minutes! While the clock is ticking you will need to work as a team to escape as quickly as possible.....
The question is, will you escape?

Opening Times

Thursdays and Fridays - 17:30-21:30. (Last game is at 20:30)

Saturdays and Sundays - 09:30-22:30.
(Last game is at 21:30 Saturday, 20:00 Sunday)

If you would like to book on another day and/or time, please contact us via email or phone and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Game Times
Saturdays & Sundays

09:30-10:30 : 11:00-12:00 : 12:30-13:30

14:00-15:00 : 15:30-16:30 : 17;00-18:00

18:30-19:30 : 20:00-21:00 : 21:30-22:30 (Saturday only)

Game Times
Thursdays & Fridays

17:30-18:30 : 19:00-20:00 : 20:30-21:30

Location and Parking

44 Lower Stone Street, Maidstone, ME15 6NA

Local Parking

Palace Avenue Car Park - ME15 6NF

Mill Street - ME15 6YE

The Mall Shopping Centre - ME15 6AT

Sainsburys - ME15 6SF

One of the best rooms I've been to.

Maidul I

25 July 2020

Fantastic escape room! Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Lots of different aspects that I had not previously encountered in an escape room before. This included the crawl through tunnel to a different room, where previously I had only encountered door to door. I liked the beginning part that disorientated you, the use of darkness. Great service from the guys on the desk, made us feel welcome. Would definitely recommend, hoping to see another room from these guys in the future would definitely return!

Kirsty R

8 March 2020

An amazing experience for some new and experienced panic room gamers, would love to try it again and beat the time. Friendly staff and very helpful.

Sophie M

1 March 2020

We have done quite a few escape rooms and this one did not disappoint! Great theme, challenging and varied puzzles too...looking forward to a new room from you!

Claire G

15 February 2020

Amazing experience, staff are extremely funny and have created an imaginative experience! We loved it!

Bella B

8 February 2020

Best night out i had for a while great fun and had allot of laughs, and the rooms was tough always love a challenge hosts was also awsome thanks guys

Kel M

7 February 2020

Great venue and very friendly and helpful staff. Fun experience. Thank you.

Tracey G

31 January 2020

Our group had some virgin explorers and a couple with a few under their belt. This by far was the best one we've done. I can't give anything away but tackled all the senses. My advice... book it and book it now. Great experience.

Alison B

28 January 2020

We had a really good time at The Extraction Room. The guys who welcomed us were friendly and made the experience enjoyable! Each room was well planned and thought out right down to the smallest of details. The Extraction Room is highly recommended!

Leanne S

26 January 2020

Best escape room I've been to!


5 January 2020

Great day thank you very friendly and a laugh. The escape room was brilliant.

Tony R

30 December 2019

Excellent! We all loved it. Thank you.

Chloe W

30 December 2019

Great experience, good set up, only two of the group had done it before, didn't think we'd do it in time, but we did and with time to spare! I would definitely recommend

Stacey R

29 December 2019

Great fun and we really enjoyed it. The guys where really nice and friendly to, giving us tips along the way.

Kelly G

2 November 2019

First time in an escape room, we all really enjoyed it.

Claire R

22 September 2019

Great entertainment really enjoyed by all of us.

Gavin B

22 September 2019

Great escape room with lots of unexpected challenges! Uniquely designed with a nerve wracking theme.

Angie E-P

21 September 2019

Had a fantastic experience - thank you!

Katie H

15 September 2019

The extraction room was great fun! We would definitely recommend it! Perfect for a group of 4. Such a great set up and a lot of thought went into every little detail.

Sabine G

1 September 2019

Absolutely loved the escape room, best room I have done, so clever!

Lauren P

25 August 2019

Very interesting and well thought out room. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

Sue C

22 August 2019

Really enjoyable experience - I think we may have needed more clues than most as it took us a long time to get going. It's great to find something to do that appeals to teenager', students and parents - winner.

Marie P

12 August 2019

Excellent afternoon, really enjoyed the game. Lovely people. Highly recommended.

Kelly C

4 August 2019

This was our first time doing this sort of thing. We all loved it so much and cant wait to do another. The people who run this have taken so much time into this.

Kirstie F

14 July 2019

Booked for my daughter and her friends for her 13th birthday - they had a great time! Well worth it.

Emma H

26 May 2019

Very cleverly thought out, my daughter and her friends loved it!

Emma C

19 May 2019

Lovely guys and a great escape room! Really good story, layout and clues throughout - really enjoyed it! Already recommended it to all of my friends and family! Hope you guys make more!

Catherine F

13 May 2019

Great fun filled, brain draining hour. Excellent scene setting which was challenging and exciting. Lots of little bits and pieces and varied challenges. Added bonus for us six, we did it with 2 mins 3 secs to spare!!!!

Dawn M

6 May 2019

Must say it was a really good experience from he warm welcome to the way you ran the room giving us a nudge when we almost solved but was a little stuck down to the room itself, flowed lovely and the fact each room was different really stood out... In our top 10 of escape rooms.

Steve R

23 April 2019

Staff very friendly and welcoming. The escape room experience was so fun, and the room had a variety of elements to make the experience exciting and enjoyable. I highly recommend to others.

April T

20 April 2019

A really fun experience! Me and my friends may have lost but it was still AMAZING. The employee helping us was great too, seemed nice. Overall a really good experience, even if it was a bit hard.

Holly M

20 April 2019

Really good escape room. Highly enjoyed by all, would go back again and recommend.

Isobel W

14 April 2019

Amazing!! Our escape room virginity was lost at your place and we really had a great time. Great banter, great game, great guys! thank you!

Diane B

14 April 2019

Brilliant room, very well designed and great surprises. Quite tricky. Hosts were great, friendly and passionate about their room. Looking forward to their next one.


2 April 2019

Superb escape room. Well run, fun, interesting, great atmosphere, good value - highly recommended.

Simon G

25 March 2019

Really enjoyed our time in the room, great set up and a good challenge.

Adrian H

11 March 2019

Top guys and a top room. Looking forward to the next one.

Neil S

4 March 2019

Great room, great GM's/owners, we played as a team of three and we didn't stop for the entire time! Thank you - looking forward to your next rooms!

Georginna S

25 February 2019

It was a great experience! Lots to do and great fun to play with friends doing the challenges. Very satisfying when you get all the clues to enter the next room!

Leah C

24 February 2019

What better way to spend an hour! Great fun, friendly and helpful staff, safe environment and a complete buzz! We'll be back for sure!

Caroline T

10 February 2019

We had a great time!

Christina T

9 February 2019

Best escape room we've done to date. Challenging but we escaped with 29 seconds to go. No wonder it's the best fun thing to do in Maidstone on Tripadvisor!

Karl S

28 January 2019

Incredibly well presented and organised. Such a welcoming team and an awesome experience. Would thoroughly recommend!

Erica Y

27 January 2019

Made us feel really welcome and settled our nerves. Really fun activity that was challenging but exciting. Can't wait for the next one!

Jane L

25 January 2019

Went as a group of 4 and it was my first time doing an escape room so didn't know what to expect but it beat my expectations, we all had a great time and couldn't stop laughing the whole time!


19 January 2019

This was our first escape room and we really enjoyed it. The whole experience was great fun and we were particularly impressed that it had all been imagined, created and built by the guys in their spare time. Looking forward to the next one!

Julia B

11 January 2019

We were made to feel very welcome on arrival. This was a good challenging game - one of the best we have done. I am not going to go into any details as this would give away some of the surprise elements, but you should give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.

Sara L

30 December 2018

Have already recommended you to friends, had a great time.

Tony S

29 December 2018

Probably the best Escape Room I have done. I loved how the different sections had their own themes and the way the different parts had been interlinked.

Joanna S

10 December 2018

Great experience, Dare you to challenge this one! Staff are also welcoming and friendly too.

Paul H

22 November 2018

Really good evening, well run and would certainly recommend.

Dan J

11 November 2018

Booking Terms & Conditions

  • please arrive 10-15 minutes before your start time
  • additional players can be added when you arrive for your game and the additional balance can be paid then too.
  • for your comfort and pleasure we can only accept bookings for a maximum 6 people.
  • the game involves some physical and logical challenges, players will be required to bend, lift etc. We recommend comfortable clothes and suitable footwear.
  • if you arrive late, you will only be able to play for the remaining time available in your slot, due to other games being scheduled afterwards
  • due to late notice, cancellations made within 48 hours of your game time will not refunded or rescheduled
  • refunds will not be offered for a cancelled game, however we will try our best to reschedule your booking as long as we have more than 48 hours notice